I got my first Old English Sheepdog in 1986, her name was Bluecaleb’s California Girl-“Kaillie”. Wow what an experience. I was a young single and this was simply the cutest creature you have ever seen. I did everything wrong, left her loose, (because crates are cruel-ha), did not discipline her because she was soo cute. And I got what I bargained for. Kaillie was a lovable dog, but so spoilt by me, she would go crazy if left alone.

 So I decided to get “Weed” Bluecaleb’s Tumbleweed Tally, my goodness what a difference. Weed was the most sane, sweet, laid-back dog you could imagine. She and Kaillie got along well. I decided with the encouragement of breeders Betty Fast and Dave Haddon of Bluecaleb’s kennels, that I would show Weed. Now that started the whole ball rolling. Weed became my first champion easily and she was the foundation for Tumbleweed kennels. I have never had a large number of dogs, so 2-4 is what works best and I can give them the time and energy I think they need from me.

Weed went on to produce Dakota-Bluecalebs’s Tumbleweed Tornado…again Dakota was soo cute and spoilt rotten. She too finished her Canadian Championship. Dakota was bred twice, both times to a dog owned by Val Bandas of Craven, Lambluv’s Valubal Bolero. From these litters she produced Tumbleweed’s Scandalous Affair-Monika and Valubal Tumbleweed Commentator-Tatum. Another new generation and new adventures!

Monika is every breeders dream. She has produced numerous champions both American and Canadian, Best in Show winners, in both countries and has her Canadian Championship. She is truly the funniest, sweetest Old English Sheepdog you could ever meet. Her idea of a good time is to cuddle on the couch for hours after a nice long walk. Out of Monika’s first litter I kept a boy dog named Comet-Tumbleweed’s Lambluv Gala Affair. No one wanted this puppy, he had a splash on his back and a merle eye, but he had attitude and carriage like no other. After a short time, Val Bandas of Valubal OES approached me about co owning Comet and campaigning him as a show dog. What a ride...Comet and Val introduced me to a whole new world of dog shows and so many wonderful people. We travelled all across Canada and the U.S., often driving all night or sleeping in the van. Again, he was rewarded. Comet went on to become Canada’s top winning sheepdog in the history of the breed. He got an award of merit at Westminster kennel club in New York and at the American Sheepdog national specialty three times.

Monika also produced our other girl Lyric-Tumbleweed’s Valubal Reflection co-owned with Val Bandas.
Lyric finished her Canadian and American championships very quickly, she got her first Best in Show at 13 months of age and won the Canadian National specialty at 15 months of age. From her first litter she produced the 2008 American National specialty winners Dog-Merlot.
In 2007, I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, and as fate would have it, I met the man of my dreams, Uwe.

To any relationship everyone brings something-Uwe had an 11-year-old son Florian, and I had three old English sheepdogs. How would it all work? Well, we are now going on our 5th year of married life. We lost Comet in 2010 and Monika 2011. They both changed our lives in so many ways and are missed daily! We have added another sheepdog to the group Falco, he is a Lyric son, whose dad has been gone since the late 1990’s. He was a Norwegian Champion and we are very honoured that Diane Anderson liked Lyric enough to allow us to share part of his history-Likeabear Attention Please-Adam. We also have now kept a puppy from Lyric's last litter-Nani, which means BEAUTY in Hawaiian. These crazy wonderful beasts have given my family and I so much joy and love. 

A sheepdog is not for everyone, but it is the only one for us!
We hope you enjoy our website and the photos of our family!